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We believe that the ability to meet the uncertainty facing our client organisations is about unlocking the talent, knowledge and passion of their people.

At Alt Delivery we support our clients to put people at the heart of change and build Agile capabilities, quickly from within, regardless of the starting point.  Alt Delivery co-creates solutions with our clients, be it with one individual, or enterprise wide engagement.


Our Services

You want to make your enterprise Agile.

We co-create a route to successful organisational change through world-class services - delivery and change consulting, transformation design and training and coaching.

Coaching and Training

We provide contextualised Agile coaching and training specific to your organisation, environment and cultural characteristics. Training is complemented by targeted coaching, an educational and experiential approach that delivers lasting change.

Organisational Change

We manage your agile transformation top down, bottom up. We work with your people, developing leaders at all levels and provide an environment for self-organisation to occur. The Agile business has to get there in an Agile way so we approach Change Management with cutting-edge principles and practices.

Enterprise Agility Model

We manage the co-creation of effective Agile operations across your enterprise. Unlike a typical scaled Agile framework implementation - we help you develop effectiveness across your hierarchy, across all services and work types and aligned to your culture.


We provide first-class Agile practitioners to create, augment and lead your delivery teams. Practitioners in teams combine with Organisational Change experts to accelerate the path to enterprise effectiveness.


Change and delivery programmes need high quality, contextualised advice to assure success. Whether it be to support the value proposition, present alternate leadership styles or establish success measures. We provide top-class advice and consultation to accelerate organisational agility.

Meet Our Team

Savvy, thought leaders, who make you think and want to challenge the status quo... and coach you to make amazing things happen!


Kenny Grant


Kenny helps organisations from board level to people doing work on the ground transition to more effective systems with reduced costs and faster time to market.

Kenny's passion lies within the intersection of Agile, Lean and Systems Thinking.  Kenny is committed to helping organisations put people at the centre - enabling existing talent to be the change rather than being subject to change.




Ruta Blazeviciute


Ruta works with clients to design and build Agile, enterprise capabilities to meet the future requirements of the organisation.  Ruta coaches business leaders to accelerate business change and improvement necessary to build these capabilities.

Ruta is passionate about coaching teams towards self organisation and high performance, capable of meeting the challenges of the most complex change programmes.




Mike Burrows

Associate Training and Transformation Consultant

Mike is founder of Agendashift and author of 'Kanban from the Inside".  A well known speaker at international conferences, Mike has been a close associate of Alt Delivery since its inception.

Mike is world renowned for championing a values-based approach to leadership, change and delivery.  It is this in combination with his long experience as a senior manager and practitioner that gets Mike hired into transformation projects.




Adam Mitchell

Agile Delivery and Change Coach

Adam specialises in coaching teams delivering products and services towards greater predictability and higher performance.  A firm believer in "coaching by doing", Adam has a background in Agile delivery in initiatives that scale from £1m to £150m.

In addition to working with internationally recognised brands, Adam has years of experience coaching and leading teams within UK Government.



A selection of clients our experts work with


“I work with clients to design and build agile, enterprise capabilities to meet the future requirements of the organisation and coach business leaders support to accelerate business change and improvement necessary to build these capabilities.”

Terry Stevens

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